Ticket Solutions Pty Ltd

Established in 2003 and is 100% wholly owned by individual shareholders. Ticket Solutions is a dynamic organization where our company founders and Directors are actively involved in the day to day running of the business. This ensures our valuable staff can focus on the daily needs of the operation for a smooth and efficient delivery of service to clients their customers. 
Ticket Solutions is a Software As A Service plus Services Provider (SAAS+S), that provides Ticketing software solutions combined with Services to companies which include Oztix, Heatseeker in Western Australia and NZtix in New Zealand.
Our Client Oztix is Australia’s largest independent ticketing company providing ticketing sales for venues, events, festivals, bands and performers. They distribute tickets for sale throughout Australia and New Zealand leveraging our Internet  outlet, Telephone and Australia Wide retail network.
Features of Ticket Solutions
  • Full Ticketing Sale and fulfilment solution for Promoters and Venues
  • Cost Reductions to promoters permitting margin improvements or end consumer price reductions
  • No captial outlay or staffing
  • Proven quick, secure and reliable ticketing system as an end to end solution to your ticketing requirements.
  • 1300 Number customer call centre
  • Reporting system and backoffice tools to manage your events.
Services and Technology
  • Modern High Load technology to handle the big demand event on-sales to keep all your customers satisfied
  • Our ticketing Solution is under continual development and refinement, we roll out new developments and features on a regular basis
  • Standalone Product our  ticket scanning systems SPBES (single point entry system) and MPBES (multi point entry system)  are deployed to read bardcode tickets at entry points to an event. Our system includes ticket fraud preventation and can load ticket from any vendor.
Our Clients

w: www.oztix.com.au
e: admin@oztix.com.au
p: 1300 762 545

w: www.heatseeker.com.au
e: admin@heatseeker.com.au
p: 1300 762 545

w: www.nztix.co.nz
e: info@nztix.co.nz
p: (0)9 887 1004