MPBES (Multi Point Barcode Entry System)

System Overview

Ticket Solutions's Barcode entry systems solutions ranges in size from small <200 person events all the way up to large venues with multiple lane ways as well as multiple points of entry.

The MPBES solution works using a central server running windows 8 (or Windows Server 2012) and SQL Express 2008R2 and above, networked via WiFi to Windows Mobile based Barcode scanning units. The system is controlled by a windows application running on the server, but also has an intranet site exposed via local IIS with custom real-time reporting.

Ticket Solutions recommends using hardware supplied by us, however clients are free to use their existing infrastructure.

The central server connects to the core Ticket Solutions systems online to synchronize ticket sales and entry data before and after the event, so you don't need to be always online, and a temporary internet outage won't stop the flow of customers through your door.

The MPBES system is a software as a service solution, it is packaged along with the primary ticket service that Ticket Solutions provide as an additional cost. It can be purchased also on a per usage basis for clients to import manage their own allocations on manually from other ticketing providers. Please contact Ticket Solutions here for more details on the MPBES system.

Optional Entry Services

Ticket solutions can also provide staff, training and/or the hardware to run the system at your venue using our mobile MPBES solutions for events as small as a few thousand all the way up to 100,000.